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Slang and synonyms for “suburban”

Lastly, after lists of slang and synonyms for “rural” and “urban,” below is the list for “suburban.” Once again, any additions are most welcome. Dullsville Edge City(ies) Environs Fringes Levittown Low-density development Nowhere Outskirts Sprawl Strip commercial Suburb Suburbia Suburgatory … Continue reading

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More signs are not a cure for a bad business model

As an urban planner, I find it amazing how sign companies can routinely convince business owners that large, flashy, expensive, and abundant signage will be an instant solution to their business woes. In some very rare cases this might be … Continue reading

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Nonconforming (or unsustainable) cities

The article by Craig Pittman in the August/September issue of Planning magazine entitled “Water War. Southern Style” was a fascinating read. My only quibble with the story is it never addressed the toughest question – should cities be allowed to outgrow … Continue reading

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Designer mailboxes on steroids

I was wondering if anybody else has noticed the trend over the past decade or so of extravagant mailboxes becoming a statement of wealth in well-to-do residential neighborhoods? They are most often built out of brick or stone and even at … Continue reading

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