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Catchy, clever, and weird transit names and acronyms

Below are some weird, wacky, clever, and catchy names for transit systems. While more examples from other nations would be nice, it’s difficult to decipher so many languages. Any additions, corrections, or suggestions, especially from overseas, to this list are … Continue reading

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Applying smart commute to travel

We were very pleased and proud to utilize forms of smart commuting for our entire trip to/in/from Ireland last week. The following is a breakdown of our smart commute trips during our eight days of travel: Commuter rail – 4 … Continue reading

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Ecomodal transportation hubs

This post summarizes several ideas that could be employed to facilitate the establishment of sustainable transportation hubs where intermodal cross-movement between multiple green (or active) transportation options takes place with ease. In a nutshell, these facilities are described by using … Continue reading

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Where mass transit matters (pt 4) – light rail (LRT)

Until the recent emphasis on bus rapid transit, (BRT), light rail transit (LRT) has been the modern symbol of modern mass transit in the United States. When I refer to light rail I am including  trams, modern street cars, trolleys that generally follow or … Continue reading

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“Cool” transit for the masses

The following link to a story on npr.org describes the on-going development of light rail systems around the country, including in many cities that were once auto dominated. Light rail systems and modern street cars are helping reshape city development … Continue reading

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