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Issues of tall (sky) sprawl

I have asked myself at times whether in some places around the globe we humans are simply exchanging horizontal land sprawl with a tall (or sky) sprawl? Don’t get me wrong, I love to admire an impressive skyline just as … Continue reading

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Ten lessons from Dublin, Glasgow, and Manchester

The following post is a variation of a post written for rustwire.com, which was published earlier this week. I’ve had the distinct privilege and honor of visiting the great cities of Dublin, Ireland; Glasgow, Scotland; and Manchester, England over the … Continue reading

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Is Manchester’s music scene in my genes?

I have occasionally wondered why I am so into rock ‘n’ roll and its various incarnations, trends, and adaptations. Several people have remarked to me something to the effect of, “how (or why) do you keep up with the latest … Continue reading

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