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Mapping an ice storm’s impact

Above is an interesting map of the power outages reported from the major ice storm that took place here in Mid-Michigan Saturday night and Sunday. The map outlines the service area of Consumer Energy in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and then depict … Continue reading

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Pissed-off planner: upgrade the damn grid!

For the second time in six weeks large swaths of Greater Lansing have been thrust into the dark and cold by bad weather – first a wind storm and now an ice storm. And once again, much of the suffering … Continue reading

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Fear factor forecasting

Anyone else notice how weather forecasting (and related types of science)has taken a decisively edgier tone over the years. Hardly a season goes by anymore without some new “scarier” term being used to describe weather-related events. Some were invented (Super … Continue reading

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You know you are in a heat wave when…

Cars are parked under trees (or any other bit of shade) in parking lots no matter how far away they are from the building entrance. Thermometers on time and temperature signs stop working. For us planners, it is nearly impossible to … Continue reading

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