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USA/Canada metros with the most Bitcoin ATMs/tellers

Below is a fascinating list from coinatmradar.com of the cities in the United States and Canada with the most Bitcoin ATMs or tellers. There are currently a total of 1,244 in the USA and 310 in Canada. The most surprising fact is how far … Continue reading

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The MOST important urban planning book of our time

I realize that the title of this post is a bold and perhaps controversial statement to make, but I truly believe that the definitive and thought-provoking publication by Salvatore Settis entitled, If Venice Dies, is the most important urban planning book … Continue reading

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Don’t be a slave to greed and materialism

This Thursday, November 27th, is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Until recently, it was a lovely day for families and friends to gather, give thanks, watch parades and football, and share a hearty meal. Yes, some renegade retailers have … Continue reading

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Stores where principles and people outweigh greed on Thanksgiving

The following retail stores deserve our praise, thanks, gratitude, and money for not putting greedy materialism ahead of both people and the nation’s most sincere national holiday. THESE are the places to shop this holiday season, not at those retailers … Continue reading

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Your live in a tax haven when…

Late March/early April here in the States seemed like the perfect time of the year for this satirical post. Enjoy! There are nonstop flights to Switzerland, Grand Cayman, Luxembourg, and Monaco, but no place else. More Wall Street brokerage firms … Continue reading

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Six billion better ways to spend money

The total cost of Campaign 2012 from all election races across the country will be nearly $6 billion dollars.  What a sad and sorry number. When I think of all the good works that could have been done with that money, it … Continue reading

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Draining Wall Street’s piggy banks

To me, one of the best ideas to garner increased attention through the Occupy movement has been the move your money project. What better way for the 99% of us to kick Wall Street’s ass than to transfer our collective … Continue reading

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For love and not for money

With Valentine’s Day  approaching and the near-constant debate across the airwaves and headlines over tax cuts for the wealthy or business and looming budget deficits, I thought this quote from Marianne Williamson seemed particularly appropriate: “Should the bottom line be … Continue reading

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