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“The Magic of Belle Isle” is truly enchanting

I am constantly amazed by the excellent films one can find on Netflix. Beyond that, I am also amazed at how out-of-touch some movie critics are. The Magic of Belle Isle is an enchanting charmer (released in 2012) which stars … Continue reading

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“Oblivion” – one hell of a sci-fi flick

We never got a chance to see Oblivion in the theaters last year, so Kathy and I watched the movie on dvd last night. Wow, what a terrific film! Oblivion is easily one of my all-time favorite science fiction films, … Continue reading

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It could have been such a good action movie…

…if they had left out about half of the f-words, dropped the overly melodramatic patriotic hoopla, and didn’t need to kill everyone with shots to the head, head stabbings, and head crushing. The movie I am talking about is Olympus … Continue reading

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America’s greatest living male actor

This is a very easy post for me to write, because it is my personal belief that Morgan Freeman epitomizes the absolute best of acting.  I cannot think of a bad movie he has ever been in and his résumé … Continue reading

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