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Black-owned or operated hotels of the Green Book era

One of the most disturbing consequences of America’s Jim Crow segregation era is the limited amount of archival documentation that can be found about Black-owned and operated businesses and organizations from the time period. Even a search of sites such as … Continue reading

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Roadside Americana: Atomic age stops, sights, and oddities

This blogpost is a little adventure through the sights and sounds of America’s roadside culture to depict how the Atomic Age has impacted it since 1945. A whole variety of businesses have adopted the term “atomic” or some variation thereof … Continue reading

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Roadside Americana – Motel memories

I am probably going to date myself yet again with this post, but to this urban planner, one of the most memorable images of the American highway system in the 1960s and 70s was the motel or motor court. Often … Continue reading

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Things you never (or rarely) find in hotels anymore

During our current two-week West Coast trip, I have noticed a number of things that are no longer (or rarely) found in hotel/motel rooms any longer. Certainly, other items have been added to make one’s stay more pleasant such as … Continue reading

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