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North America’s busiest RO/RO motor vehicle seaports

Enormous Brunswick, Georgia RO/RO Terminal – Source: lloydslist.maritimeintelligence.informa.com RO/RO seaports are those that service ships that import and export motor vehicles including cars, trucks, construction equipment, farm equipment, and even boats; they literally roll-on and roll-off (RO/RO). Almost sounds like … Continue reading

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Geographical distribution of motor vehicle model names

Back in the day, its seemed many motor vehicles with geographical model names tended to be of places east of the Mississippi, wealthy places, or of European locales. But, today, the largest number of referenced places and geography model names … Continue reading

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Unscientific hybrid/electric observations

I counted 23 hybrid and/or plug-in electric cars on the trip between Lansing and Grand Rapids Thursday afternoon – 17 eastbound and six westbound, while a total of 26 were counted on Friday evening along the same route – 21 … Continue reading

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