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Tuesday Tunes: Motown reborn by Silk Sonic & more Greta VF!

In case you missed the Grammys, superstars Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak have teamed up to create Silk Sonic. Their first single sounds like something straight out of Barry Gordy’s Motown’s “Hitsville, USA.” Smooth, soulful lyrics and melodies permeate this … Continue reading

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American music birthplace geography

From Jazz to Blues to Hip Hop and Rock ‘n Roll, there are many styles of music that populate the United States. The following map depicts the geographic location(s) where these varied forms and their sub-genres have germinated across the … Continue reading

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The downtown Motown rebound

Saturday evening I attended a fantastic concert by the Canadian alternative rock band Metric at the historic Fillmore Detroit Theater on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit. On the way there I missed my intended exit and instead took the Lafayette Avenue … Continue reading

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Metric electrifies Motown

Metric absolutely lit up Motown last night with a two-hour set at the historic Fillmore Theater in Downtown Detroit. The foursome (Emily Haines, Jimmy Shaw, Joules Scott-Key, and Joshua Winstead) from Toronto was in total command of the city and … Continue reading

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Capturing Motown’s soul

I came across this terrific story about our beloved city of Detroit by Jason Lorimer on The Huffington Post. As a newcomer to the city, he does a great job of articulating those aspects of Detroit’s inner vibe that captivates … Continue reading

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