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America’s largest ‘countrified’ cities

As a sequel to cities with the same name as world capitals, here is a list of those over 2,000 population with the same name as nations/countries around the globe. Ten cities or towns named Lebanon lead this list, which … Continue reading

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The rise of the inland national capital

Below is my list of those 12 nations that have moved their capital to an inland location since 1900. The most common reason identified for these moves taking place was to: Centrally locate the government geographically (Brazil, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, … Continue reading

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Global geography of per capita greenhouse gas emissions*

I thought the 2008 list provided below was interesting and quite disappointing at the same time. Those nations above 20 metric tons per capita should be ashamed by their lack of attention (or respect) for this global problem. Kudos to those nations listed whose … Continue reading

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I could have told them that! Canada is #1

A recently released survey published by Forbes indicates that Canada is the friendliest country on Earth. Well, they did not need to do a survey to learn that fact. I could have saved them the trouble and told them that fact … Continue reading

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