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Surviving the “Instant City” of Karachi

“The instant city mixed the good with the bad, battering people with the impartiality of a typhoon.” The quote above is one of my favorites from the book Instant City. It sums up the intensity of the narrative found in this … Continue reading

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Ten ways to be ready for the next heat wave

Source: nitrofreeze.com Repair you snowblower so you mind is fixed on cold things. Have 200 pounds of ice ready to put in your bathtub for soaking. Install a walk-in freezer for your kitchen. Buy stock in slushies, smoothies, snow cones, … Continue reading

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“Billion dollar babies” – will they ever learn?

Large financial institutions who were either shut down or recipients of at least one billion dollars in bailouts in 2008-2009 (a.k.a billion dollar babies): Lehman Brothers Merrill Lynch AIG Goldman Sachs Citibank RBS Bank of America Wells Fargo Morgan Stanley Bank … Continue reading

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Mapping costly climatic disasters in the USA

Here is a fascinating map depicting those areas of the United States with the most and least billion dollar disasters since 1980.  If you want to avoid destructive weather and climate related disasters, the south is not the place to … Continue reading

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More disappearing acts to depart soon

Here are eleven more items that I believe will all but disappear within the next decade – some a little more controversial than the previous list: The Euro – good idea, but not everyone came to the party with the … Continue reading

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Scenes from Michigan’s vagina support rally

Here are some of my photos taken last night at the Michigan rally in support of vaginas held at the steps of the State Capitol in downtown Lansing. At least 5,000 people attended in support of Women’s Rights.

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Using one’s imagination for good vs evil

After I arrived home last night from moving my son out of his dorm room, I was listening to a later broadcast of PBS NewsHour before going to bed. There was a disquieting feature story last night about boutique bioterror … Continue reading

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2012 resolutions for the Iowa GOP presidential candidates

Newt Gingrich – learn to smile like you actually mean it instead of like you have something sneaky hidden up your sleeve. Rick Santorum – visit the Wizard of Oz (or Dr. Oz) to find a heart – heaven knows … Continue reading

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If you don’t snooze, you’ll lose

Well, the old adage used to be “you snooze, you lose.” As it turns out, just the opposite is true. According to a story in the August edition of AARP Magazine, a study at University College London’s Medical School found … Continue reading

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