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Humorous nicknames for complicated freeway interchanges

“The Beast,” “The Octopus,” or “East Delay” just east of downtown LA – Source: maps.google.com Below are the humorous names given to complicated freeway interchanges. The most common terms tend to be “Spaghetti Junction” (20), “Spaghetti Bowl” (6), “Malfunction Junction” … Continue reading

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Unique and oddly weird collegiate sports team names

  With Super Bowl Sunday now here, I thought we’d explore some unique and oddly weird team nicknames. Sometimes, in the effort to come up with an unique team name, the laws of nature and science are defied and perhaps … Continue reading

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“Queen City” nicknames dotting the map

  Apparently being a queen city was big deal at one time in history given the number of cities that have used that moniker in some manner or another during their history. The list does not include cities with the … Continue reading

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The flailing Detroit Lions need to be renamed and rebranded!

  When your NFL team is a perpetual disappointment, something drastic needs to be done to turn around that sorry trend. In the Detroit Lions case, not just coaching and personnel changes are in order. Given the Ford family doesn’t … Continue reading

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Abbreviated city nicknames

Below is my list of known abbreviated city nicknames. Any additions or corrections would be most welcome. Enjoy! Albuquerque – Burque (added 12/26/21) Ann Arbor, MI – A2 Chicago, IL – Chi-town Cincinnati, OH – Cincy Dallas, TX – Big … Continue reading

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Team themes

In certain cities, the major league professional sport franchise nicknames can follow a common theme – either partially or entirely. The themes can range from various animals to rhyming/similar terms to historical events and legendary icons in local history.  Included are teams … Continue reading

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A proposed nickname for Greater Lansing

Okay, going out on a limb here folks. After listing what I think are the best and worst city nicknames, I have decided on one that I think is terrific for Greater Lansing (a.k.a. Lansing-East Lansing), Michigan. There is no … Continue reading

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Best and worst big city nicknames

Best Big Apple – New York City Windy City – Chicago The Peg – Winnipeg Motor City and Motown – Detroit Circle City – Indy Big D – Dallas Mile High City – Denver City of Lights and City of … Continue reading

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