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Michigan needs a Car Czar like a hole in the head

It was recently announced that Michigan’s Governor has appointed a new Car Czar. Really? In a state that is already far too over-dependent on the automobile, we need a Car Czar to tip the scales even further towards one industry? … Continue reading

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Pharmacy drive-thru’s – a bad prescription for patient health?

As our society has become more sedentary, obesity and its many health complications have become more pronounced throughout the nation. Therefore, it seems wholly inconsistent for retailers who specialize in products to improve your health and for pharmacists abiding by their oath, to … Continue reading

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An epidemic whose cure cannot “weight”

According to a recent article in Live Science which was summarized in the National Center for Bicycling and Walking’s online publication, Centerlines, humanity is 17 million tons overweight. That is the equivalent to 34,000,000,000 pounds or another 242 million people! Sadly, … Continue reading

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Drive more, weigh more. It’s that simple.

According to research at the University of Illinois summarized in The Nation’s Health, the more you drive the more likely you are to be overweight. That blunt fact should be obvious to all. Unfortunately, those with an agenda that promote the … Continue reading

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Liquid sugar in a cup

When I recently rode my bike on a local bike trail, I took a lunch break to enjoy some air conditioning, get a bite to eat, and an cold drink. I had not had an orange soft drink (soda or … Continue reading

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