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From sea to shining sea of wasteful surface parking lots

The images below depict the extent of wasteful surface parking lots that can be found across the United States at many major sports venues, especially those dedicated to football, baseball, and soccer. Much of the land currently set aside for … Continue reading

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Twelve planning lessons from failing cities

There are likely many more planning-related lessons from failing cities that could have been added, but these are ones that initially came to mind. Any additions, suggestions, or corrections are welcome. Do NOT chase the latest fad project without doing … Continue reading

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Collegiate carport solar energy production in the USA

Below are more than 75 colleges and universities in the United States that have installed solar carports on campus, along with information available on them via the internet. Data includes the school, location, megawatts, year completed, and number of spaces/acreage … Continue reading

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Largest single-structure airport parking garages in the USA/Canada

The following list identifies the largest single-structure parking garages/decks at airports in the United States and Canada. The rankings are based on the number of parking spaces and include public parking and/or rental car parking spaces. Most of the airports … Continue reading

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Get off your duff and walk!

It is amazing how many people feel the need to park in the front row or the closest parking spaces to an entrance that are available, when just a bit of walking could be beneficial to their general health. Doesn’t … Continue reading

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If hybrid/electric car owners ruled the planet…

Just some fun and hopeful thoughts on a better, safer, cleaner world. Many of these ideas are not as far-fetched as they sound (see weblinks). Enjoy! New SUVs would be outlawed and the owners of existing ones forced to enlist … Continue reading

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Sell bicycles? – then provide bike racks!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of retailers who sell bicycles, but do not provide bike racks for parking at their stores. While this tends to be a problem with some of … Continue reading

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How ’bout some parking respect for cyclists?

As an avid bike commuter, I am often stunned how little respect or thought is given to bike parking at some stores. As the three photos I have included in the post show, we are usually relegated to some hidden … Continue reading

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