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A midwinter dawn

Relay and I took an early bird saunter this morning between 7 am and 8 am. This time period, along with just after dark in the evening are two of my favorite times to walk because of the stillness and … Continue reading

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Adventures in new doggy daddyhood

Now that my adopted American Eskimo dog (Eskie) named Relay has been living with me for a few days, I thought I would list some heartwarming and humorous initial observations of his mannerisms. Relay’s boundless energy and love are quite inspiring … Continue reading

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Hi everyone, Sorry about the quiet period on the blog over the past weekend. I was adopting a dog from out of state and getting to know him. Should have some new posts ready soon. Thanks, Rick

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A heartfelt relay of love

Yesterday (Jan. 14th), one of my sons and I drove several hours in and our of snow showers to Benton Harbor, Michigan to meet another car that was coming there from Munster, Indiana. The purpose of our trip to Benton … Continue reading

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If cats ruled the planet…

If cats ruled the planet: Everything would be purrrrrfect. Sandboxes would be required every 100 feet. There would be no national bird symbols – as they have all been devoured. All sports teams must be called Cats, Wildcats, Pumas, Cougars, … Continue reading

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If Jack Russell terriers ruled the Earth…

We would be eating squirrels and chipmunks stuffed with dog biscuits for Thanksgiving. Begging etiquette would be taught in school. Sun worshipping would be the new “dogma.” Every mailbox and fire hydrant would be an officially sanctioned  “smell and squirt” … Continue reading

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Remember to do your civic “doody”

Among the pollutants that can be washed into lakes, ponds, wetlands, and streams during a storm event, pet waste is one that all pet owners can and should address on a regular basis. According to the EPA: “Leaving pet waste on … Continue reading

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