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Ten Planning Lessons from Phoenix

Prior to 2019, the last time I had been in Phoenix was 1970. While I certainly expected the city to have changed in those nearly 50 years, I was unprepared for the largely unchecked growth and monumental differences that had … Continue reading

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Riverine airports – potential promises and pitfalls

In this post, I am referring to those rivers that have commercial airport runways running through, across, adjacent or within them.  In a surprising number of locations in the United States and Canada, cities have utilized the riverine floodplain for siting … Continue reading

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Simply dumbfounded

I think my jaw must have hit the floor several times while reading the article on page six of the November 2011 edition of Planning magazine.  Entitled “Major Arizona Land Plan Awaits State Action,” an entire page is dedicated to describing how … Continue reading

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