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Tuesday Tunes: Numeric band names

Oops – posted a day early. Oh, well. A little music trivia and fun. Included are rock, punk, folk, country, jazz, reggae, pop, metal, hip-hop, soul, R & B, rap, big band, and any other band names one could find … Continue reading

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Birthplace geography of iconic pop/soda/cola brands

The following list identifies well-known soft drink brands (pops, sodas, and colas) from across much of North America. The criteria for inclusion in the list includes: Founded a minimum of 40 years ago – Vernor’s leading the way at 150 … Continue reading

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A rock track to shred effin pop records by

Julian Casablancas and the Voidz have released a new song entitled “Where No Eagles Fly” where guitars blast out powerful riffs that blow your socks off. It’s an awesome headbanger’s stadium rock song.  Who gives a crap if you can hardly understand any of the … Continue reading

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Soft drink terminology wars – pop vs. soda vs. coke

Below is a fascinating map that is being continually updated. It geographically depicts those parts of the nation that prefer to refer to soft drinks as “pop” or “soda,” or “coke.” You can participate in this study using this weblink. … Continue reading

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I really waited 3.5 years for this???

In April 2008, British band The Kooks released their second studio album entitled Konk. It was a terrific album with nearly every track being very enjoyable. The CD was replayed by me constantly for a good year. As a result, … Continue reading

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