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Bike badges photo essay

Above and below a the various bike badges that were observed this morning over a two-hour period during the local bicycle-recycle and donation event. Quite a varied selection, I might say. Personally, of the bicycle badges seen today I like … Continue reading

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The spirit of the ‘transistor’ radio

One of my all-time favorite songs by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Rush is “Spirit of the Radio” from their 1980 album entitled Permanent Waves.  This great Canadian rock band captures the free spirit of radio in its … Continue reading

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Do you get a bike helmet forehead spot?

Okay…I have been wondering this for years. What the heck causes many bicycle riders to get an oblong-shaped reddish spot on their forehead from their bike helmet. It’s not like there is something on the inside of the helmet that … Continue reading

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My throne for a comfy bicycle seat

I love just about everything about bike riding except for one thing – sitting on a painfully uncomfortable bicycle seat for an extended period of time. I have a fairly “cushy” oversized bike seat, but I still occasionally end up with what … Continue reading

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How close of a shave do we really need?

Over the years I have seen men’s handheld razors go from a single blade  that my father used to two blades, then three blades, to four blades, and now to the current product hype of five blades. The last few days I … Continue reading

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