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Is there a student housing bubble and is it about to burst?

For many collegiate cities and towns across the United States, the steady influx of international students (and often with their families), from primarily China/Asia, have lifted the local real estate markets out of the post-2008 doldrums. The concern now becomes … Continue reading

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Your community is a retirement haven when…

A little more satirical fun.  Your community is a retirement haven when… Gray hair is considered way cool. Golf courses exceed parks. Prune juice is the best-selling soft drink. It’s retail economy depends on the sale of Depends. Everyone has … Continue reading

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Take your zoning verification request and…

Literally the bane of almost every planner I know, zoning verification requests (or letters) are a lender’s way to cover their ass by expecting planners and planning departments to drop everything they are doing at a moment’s notice and grind … Continue reading

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Have lending institutions usurped good planning?

How many of my fellow planners have seen/heard of the following scenario in recent years? A rezoning is sought because a potential homeowner cannot obtain or refinance a home loan because the residence is zoned something other than residential. My educated guess is that many of you … Continue reading

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Highest and best use is an archaic concept

While writing my prior blog post regarding John Steinbeck’s thoughts on urban America, I began pondering the concept of “highest and best use.” It is a term that is so often thrown around by realtors, assessors, appraisers, and even planners. I imagine … Continue reading

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This Could Be the Start of Something Good

Recently released data from the Census Bureau indicates after 35 years of increasing average new single-family house size, there has been slight, yet noticeable drop in the average new house size in each of the past four years. It is … Continue reading

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