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Downtown destinations yet unknown

During my youth, it was a special treat to travel to downtown Indianapolis with my parents and shop at the L.S. Ayres or William H. Block department stores. As a kid, I was fascinated by the immense size of the stores, their … Continue reading

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Don’t participate in Black Friday creep

It appears that respecting what could arguably be considered the country’s least commercialized and most revered national holiday (Thanksgiving) is waning, as a number of national retailers chip away at the time employees can spend with their families.  This Scrooge-like behavior strikes a nasty blow at … Continue reading

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“Each Kress store was a gift of civic art”

The S. H. Kress Company was founded by Samuel H. Kress in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania in 1887. It was one of America’s five-and-dime retail chains that started in the last quarter of the 19th century only to fade from the landscape about … Continue reading

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Lost emporiums of childhood joy

When I was growing up, a favorite place to shop was the five-and-dime (or variety) stores like Woolworth’s (Lancaster, PA, 1879-1997), G.C. Murphy (McKeesport, PA, 1906-1985), S.S. Kresge (Detroit, 1867-1966, now Kmart), Ben Franklin (Boston, 1887-present), S.H. Kress (Nanticoke, PA, 1896-1981), and McCrory’s … Continue reading

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Coffee “ground” wars brewing around us

One Interstate highway interchange here in Greater Lansing clearly depicts the ongoing coffee ground wars taking place across the American landscape.  Just off Exit 110 on I-96 are no less than five major coffee shop chains, plus another well-known coffee … Continue reading

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Don’t chase brick and mortar from afar – grow it organically

For as long as I can remember, a numerous residents of Greater Lansing (including me) have been trying to coax Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, or Plum Market to locate a store here. To date we have been greeted … Continue reading

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Binding and blending great third places – bookstores

Some experts have predicted that the traditional bookstore is a dying breed of retailer given the intense competition from electronic books. For some bookstores, that may be true, as the retail landscape is littered with past icons including most recently … Continue reading

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The sale of the century!

I stopped at a certain nationally known discount department whose logo looks remarkably like a red bullseye this evening to buy a top-off card for my Virgin Mobile smart phone account. When I got there, I simply could not believe … Continue reading

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Blurred lines between land uses – retailing copycats

Dollar stores that want to be grocery stores, grocery stores that want to be super centers, pharmacies that want to be super centers and mini-department stores, super centers that want to be any and all of the above, while traditional … Continue reading

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