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Slang terms for “rural”

Whether used in a positive or demeaning manner, here is a list of slang terms/phrases that are often used to depict a place as being rural. Please feel free to provide any other terms or phrases that I may have … Continue reading

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You know your community is rural when…

Just a poking little fun for the holiday weekend. Have no fear urbanites and suburbanites, your turn is coming soon. In the spirit of Burma Shave: “Being rural…ain’t no sin…what really matters…comes from within!”  Enjoy! Outhouses are the latest fad. … Continue reading

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The places in-between

As the world continues to become more urbanized, the places in-between these pulsating urban areas are often overlooked as just blips along the expressway or dots 30,000 feet below us. While some of these places are hanging on with some … Continue reading

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