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Hipsterhoods of mid-sized Rust Belt cities (updated)

Based on an inquiry from a reader, I delved further into the topic of hipster neighborhoods of the Rust Belt, in a an attempt to identify/locate those found in mid-sized cities/metro areas. While not as prevalent as in  the larger markets, … Continue reading

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Unofficial guide to “hipsterhoods” of the Rust Belt (UPDATED)

UPDATED on 10/13/15 to include Rust Belt cities of all sizes. The term “hipster” stirs up a myriad of images and connotations including but not limited to hippie. modern yuppie, bohemian, urban bohemian, counter-culture, geek, etc.  Here is a condensed … Continue reading

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Tarnish on the Sun Belt

Hey, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, LA, Atlanta, etc. Do you honestly think you are exempt from the problems that have befallen Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo and other post-industrial cities of the Midwest and Northeast? Better think again Sun Belters. Here are … Continue reading

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Nation’s fastest growing tech center is Detroit

You read that correctly. Detroit has been identified as having the nation’s fastest growing technology sector in the time period between Feb. 2010 and Feb 2011, up by a whopping 101%. According to the report by Dice.com, there are 800 … Continue reading

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The Rust Belt’s gone “chic”

Hey everyone in the Midwest and Northeast, we are in vogue.  According to an excellent article written by Tod Newcombe entitled “Burnishing That Rust Belt Look” in the February 2011 issue of Governing magazine, the Rust Belt is trendy. As … Continue reading

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