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“RESET” – Where planning intersects sci-fi and John Lennon

Imagine if you will, a place and time where society has barely survived nuclear armageddon (the Last War) and reestablished itself in four (4) distinct, unique, climate-controlled, and self-sustained cities in the Mojave Desert – Callisto, Lysithea, Europa, and Elara. This utopian society was founded by an omnipotent Planner by employing wisdom derived from the lyrics of John Lennon’s most enduring song – “Imagine.” Continue reading

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“Cloud Atlas” is a thrilling trip through time

We saw Cloud Atlas over the weekend and greatly enjoyed the movie. A times, especially early on, it can be a tad confusing. But as the movie progresses everything starts to come together and you realize the depth and breath … Continue reading

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Best sci-fi on TV today

In the past month I have started watching the show Fringe. It’s very well written and acted. In my opinion Fringe the best science-fiction show on television at the current time. As a result of this enjoyable new discovery (sounds scientific), I would … Continue reading

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