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A single sidewalk can make a huge difference

It’s not often when one can witness the palpable difference infrastructure can make on the micro level. However, a small summer cottage beach neighborhood on Lake Wawasee, Indiana presents just such an opportunity. Here, the Natti Crow Beach neighborhood installed … Continue reading

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Whose sidewalk is it anyway?

Recently, I have noticed two things about public sidewalks that seem to be amiss. The first is, why do property owners or businesses and their private landscapers insist on installing their sprinkler systems within the public right-of-way to water the … Continue reading

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Turning the bland into grand

As an avid bicycle commuter who resides in a community where bikes are permitted to ride along certain roadside paved pathways (sidewalks of 7-8 feet wide), I find the gray blandness of most sidewalks/pathways to be quite boring and uninspiring. … Continue reading

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Sidewalks are not just for the physically fit!

During today’s luncheon thanking those who participated in the Lansing Walkability Audit in 2011, a good friend was describing the poor condition of some sidewalks in the area.  After receiving a lackluster response to one particularly bad segment, she noted, … Continue reading

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