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Dollar Stores Are Gutting Small Town Retailers

Drive through many small towns across America these days and you are almost sure to see a dollar store of one brand or other (or multiple stores) at the edge of town along the main drag or on the bypass. … Continue reading

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A Quartet of Old Barber Shops

One of the traditional and original third places of most small towns and larger cities is the barber shop. They often serve as a natural gathering spot for local news, discussion, gossip, and small talk. I can’t think of a … Continue reading

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“Small towns?” – Who are they kidding?

With all apologies to Business Insider, since when are cities that exceed 100,000 in population, or even exceeding 60,000 in population, considered to be “small towns?” At least they included the population of each community in their list of the ten … Continue reading

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Your community is a small town when…

This is the seventh in a series of satirical posts. This time, small towns are under the microscope. Your community is a small town when… John Mellencamp sings about it. Clark Kent grew up there. A high-rise is a silo, … Continue reading

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The places in-between

As the world continues to become more urbanized, the places in-between these pulsating urban areas are often overlooked as just blips along the expressway or dots 30,000 feet below us. While some of these places are hanging on with some … Continue reading

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Fading traces of once vibrant places

Over the past weekend I was at our family’s lake cottage in Northeast Indiana. During the drive home, I had an eerie feeling that many of the small towns along my route would soon be faded memories. Even some of … Continue reading

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“Ain’t that America”

Those immortal song lyrics come from Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee and fellow Hoosier John Mellencamp’s classic rock tune entitled “Pink Houses.” On my return trip to Michigan from Indianapolis on Sunday afternoon, I decided to follow the road less … Continue reading

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