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Cloud, sky, and weather-related town names

The following list does not include townships or counties. Nor does it include places named for seasons. Otherwise, cities, towns, villages, hamlets, unincorporated places, municipalities, and census-designated places are included that include cloud, sky or weather-related terms. As always, any … Continue reading

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Land uses which are more often found “Up North”

As a regular visitor and now denizen of “Up North,” the following is my list of those land uses that tend to be found more often in northern locales of North America than in other parts of the country. This … Continue reading

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The “real” snowbirds

Each autumn and winter millions of northerners across North America make the pilgrimage to points south, primarily Florida and Arizona, to escape the snow and cold. Similarly, flocks of birds migrate southward for the winter from their summer nesting grounds. … Continue reading

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Prudent planner ideas based on the Winter of 2014

Given the truly delightful winter we have been suffering through this year, I thought it might be a good idea to list off some suggestions for us planners to consider for addressing potential future winter mayhem. You can never be … Continue reading

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In the land o’ lake o’ffect snow

Over the past several weeks I have had my first prolonged opportunity to experience what it is like to live in the land of lake effect snows. Just last Friday evening and overnight we received 15 inches of new lake … Continue reading

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Fun in a winter without winter

Here are some zany winter fun ideas to pass the time during our winter of no winter. Hopefully, everyone realizes that these are whimsical and they are not intended for actual participation (with the possible exception of the Iceland summer). … Continue reading

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First snowflake bicycle commute of the season

On my bike commute to work yesterday it was chilly (mid-30s) and a mix of clouds and sun. The return trip was a ride through a winter wonderland as we had several snow squalls during the afternoon here in Mid-Michigan. … Continue reading

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