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Jaw-dropping images of today’s volcanic eruption from Chile

Here are two amazing images of today’s eruption of the Villarica Volcano in southern Chile. The immense power of Mother Earth is clearly on display.

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Exquisite equatorial river deltas from space

Here are satellite images (and one map) of exquisite and beautiful river deltas from Earth’s equatorial region lying between the Trip of Cancer and the Tropic Capricorn. Included are the Ganges (Bangladesh/India), Indus (Pakistan), Irrawaddy (Myanmar), Mekong (Vietnam), Niger (Nigeria), … Continue reading

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World’s longest subway/metro systems

Below is a list of the longest subway/metro systems in the world, based on a minimum length of 100 kilometers. These do not include street trams, light rail, or commuter railroads, only subways/metros. Of those cities identified below, 14 are located … Continue reading

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Movie titles on the map

Below is a non-comprehensive list of fairly well-known movie titles that include place name/geographic references. For the sake of brevity and my own sanity, documentaries, shorts, foreign language titles, and/or physical geographic terms were not included. Please feel free to send … Continue reading

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Dos puertas de la ciudad de China de America del Sur

I was rather surprised to find only two Chinatown gates in South America. They are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Lima, Peru. Below are a photograph of each of these artistic structures: One would think with numerous megacities like … Continue reading

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The “Latin America Green City Index”

In a visually stunning and remarkably detailed 2010 report prepared by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of The Economist magazine and Siemens AG, an expert advisory panel ranked 17 major urban centers of Latin America utilizing an eight category green city index. The index categories include: … Continue reading

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Leading fair trade producer nations

Below is a list of the leading fair trade producer nations based on the number of fair trade certified producer organizations operating within that country during 2011. The total number of such producers (for all products with coffee, tea, and … Continue reading

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Where mass transit matters – BRTs in Bogota: el mejor en autobuses de tránsito rápido

In the past decade or so, bus rapid transit (BRT) has become a popular mass transit option for a number of cities in the United States and around the world. The first such system opening Curitiba, Brazil in 1974. However, … Continue reading

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“Livin’ on the edge” in remote cities

You might recall the awesome rockin’ song by Aerosmith entitled “Livin’ on the Edge” (see NSFW video below). Across the planet, there are significant urban centers situated in isolated, sometimes even precarious locations – I prefer to call these “Remote Cities.” Much … Continue reading

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