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Major US suburbs with most murders

Some sobering statistics from the FBI for major suburbs in the United States. Nine of these 12 cities have seen a rise in murders over the 2015 data and this year has several months remaining. It is worthy to note … Continue reading

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States that most (or least) like bikes

The lists (above and below) show the League of American Bicyclist’s 2014 state rankings for bike friendliness. Congrats to those states that made the top 10, which are shown in bold. Those states ranked near, but not in the top … Continue reading

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Unscientific hybrid/electric observations

I counted 23 hybrid and/or plug-in electric cars on the trip between Lansing and Grand Rapids Thursday afternoon – 17 eastbound and six westbound, while a total of 26 were counted on Friday evening along the same route – 21 … Continue reading

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TUUBSS – Totally useless unscientific bicycle survey stats

On the drive home Sunday (yesterday) afternoon, I decided to count the number of vehicles I saw along the interstate with bicycles on board and/or in tow. Here’s the data: Number of interstate miles driven: 115 Number of vehicles with … Continue reading

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