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Your live in a tax haven when…

Late March/early April here in the States seemed like the perfect time of the year for this satirical post. Enjoy! There are nonstop flights to Switzerland, Grand Cayman, Luxembourg, and Monaco, but no place else. More Wall Street brokerage firms … Continue reading

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Don’t reward bad behavior!

As an Environmental Planner who administers wetland regulations as part of my responsibilities, the most common problem I’ve encountered is not from the developers or original owners of new homes impacting wetlands, it is the subsequent homeowners and neighbors who … Continue reading

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Your community is a tax haven when…

There are direct flights to Switzerland, Grand Cayman, and Monaco, but no place else. More Wall Street brokerage firms have offices there than on Wall Street itself. Gordon Gekko is mayor. Streets are paved with gold and silver bullion. There … Continue reading

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When did ending subsides for big oil start being called a tax increase?

A month or two ago I wrote my Congressman, Republican Mike Rogers about ending subsidies for oil and gas companies. Today, I received a response in the mail. His letter was very cordial and polite, but the logic of his … Continue reading

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Goodbye to the free ride for EVs?

According to a story from USA Today.com, several states are considering an annual fee on electric vehicles to compensate for the loss of gas tax revenue. Among the proposals are: Washington State is considering a flat $100 per year fee. … Continue reading

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Taxes are a form of insurance

While everyone, including me, has grumbled about paying their taxes from time to time, that does not mean they are unnecessary.  Taxes play a vital role in the provision of services at all levels of government. Personally, I like to … Continue reading

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