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Puddle jumpers – America’s smallest commercial airports

Below is a list of America’s smallest commercial airports (those served by airlines) as measured by by acreage. These are the airports most likely to be served by puddle jumpers, even if they are nowhere near a large water body. … Continue reading

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Does geography contribute to a healthier downtown?

Over the years as both a planner and a traveler, I have noticed that compact downtown areas tend to be more vibrant and healthy than those that are spread out across the landscape. Examples include Manhattan, which is hemmed in … Continue reading

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Sky-high altitude cities with 100,000+ population

100,000+ Population City, Country Average Elevation 1. El Alto, Bolivia 13,615 feet (4,150 m) 2. Potosí, Bolivia 13,420 feet (4,090 m) 3. Shigatse, China 12,585 feet (3,836 m) 4. Juliaca, Peru 12,549 feet (3,825 m) 5. Puno, Peru 12,531 feet (3,819 m) 6. Oruro, Bolivia 12,159 feet (3,706 m) 7. Lhasa, Tibet (China) … Continue reading

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Earth eye-candy: Fire and Iceland

Here’s an impressive satellite photograph of the flames from the 32 square mile Holuhraun basaltic lava field (fissure system volcano) in Iceland.  Set amid the winter snows and nearby glacier, the lava field presents a stark and dramatic contrast of our … Continue reading

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Stunning Nile River Delta image from space

Here’s a great shot taken this past fall of the classic, fan-shaped Nile River Delta in Egypt. The photo also shows some wildfires in the area. Enjoy!  

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Not a desert mirage, but more Earth acne

No, it’s not a mirage. This satellite image below is of the (nearly 21 square miles!) borate/borax mine near Boron, California. As impressive as it is from space, the image clearly shows the alterations to the natural desert landscape resulting from the … Continue reading

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Three classic urban basins

Below are satellite and photographic images of three classic urban basins (or bowl-shaped valley cities, Katmandu, Nepal; Lubango, Angola; and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. There are a number of cities around the globe that sit in basins surrounded by mountains, including Mexico … Continue reading

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Geographic terms with the most diverse usage in American and Canadian populated place-names

The following lists present those geographic terms used for the widest variety of populated place names in the United States and Canada. the figures were determined using recent road atlases and google maps. The tallies for each term are not meant to be a … Continue reading

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‘Meteoric’ cities

Below is a list of those urban areas around the globe that were built upon or are situated near some of the 160 confirmed impact craters formed by meteors or comets. Impact craters are formed when sizeable meteors and/or comets strike the Earth. Some of … Continue reading

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My favorite North American mountain ranges

A minimum of 2,000 foot elevation was required for consideration. Some of these listed below are part of larger mountain ranges. Enjoy! Cascade Range (California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia) Blue Ridge (North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania) Grand Tetons … Continue reading

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