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A generation comes to a close…

Today, the last living member of my parent’s generation passed away. Uncle Ralph was 97 years young and despite his age, died much too early. He was active and filled with vigor throughout his life, even until just a couple … Continue reading

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Largest cities straddling the Prime (Greenwich) Meridian 

   Listed below are the eight largest cities that straddle O degrees longitude, otherwise know as the Prime or Greenwich Meridian. Included are those cities situated within one degree of the meridian.  London, United Kingdom: 8,538,689 (2014) Accra, Ghana: 2,291,352 … Continue reading

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American as baseball, hot dogs, and vodka – Spy towns of the Cold War

I always find it interesting how certain blog post ideas come to me. This one was totally on a lark. I was watching NCIS Los Angeles Tuesday night and near the end of the episode, Hetty and Callen were in … Continue reading

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“Cloud Atlas” is a thrilling trip through time

We saw Cloud Atlas over the weekend and greatly enjoyed the movie. A times, especially early on, it can be a tad confusing. But as the movie progresses everything starts to come together and you realize the depth and breath … Continue reading

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How the heck does he do that?

Those of you who have been reading Progressive Blogic for past several months know that I recently adopted an American Eskimo dog (Eskie), that I names Relay. He has been a wonderful blessing and is very enjoyable to have around … Continue reading

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