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Mapping America’s Dumping Grounds

At what point are we going to change our wasteful ways? At what point will we take recycling, repurposing, and reuse seriously? The two (2) maps provided should break every American’s heart. Sometimes, while driving our nation’s highways, I am … Continue reading

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Your community is dumpy when…

Landfill acreage exceeds park acreage. There are residents with the first name of Humpty. No refuse is refused. People can smell it before they arrive. Pig Pen is Mayor. Junk and salvage yards are welcome in any zoning district. Activities … Continue reading

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Waste not, want not

The old adage used for the post title needs to be applied more forcefully to the food service industry, particularly quick-serve (fast food) restaurants, coffee shops, and similar dining establishments. I cannot count the number of times I have been … Continue reading

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Are we becoming a scavenger society?

Last night, I stopped by Michigan State University’s state-of-the art Public Recycling Center to drop off my recyclables.  While there, I happened to notice a woman was carrying a metal object with three-prongs at the end of it. As I … Continue reading

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Long Beach chooses to turn the tide

Last month I wrote a post about the sorrowful amount of trash in our oceans. Well, one coastal city has taken a step towards reducing waste in our oceans. According to a May 19 story by Alexis Petru for Earth911, the … Continue reading

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Six trillion reasons to turn the tide

Last November 23rd, I wrote a post about the dismay I feel when the extent of accumulated roadside litter becomes readily apparent each spring after the snow melt and each fall as the vegetation begins to die back. Personally, I … Continue reading

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“Dustbindiana” and “Landfillinois”

Below is a list of the ten states that produce the most garbage per person in the United States. I am not proud to say my birth state, Indiana leads this shameful list, with Illinois following close behind. States that … Continue reading

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Kissing Paradise Goodbye

One of my favorite aspects of being an avid bike commuter is being able to experience firsthand the subtle changes in the seasons. Needless to say, a temperature variation from a low of 14 degrees F to to a high of … Continue reading

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