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Ten planning lessons from mighty Los Angeles

Despite its detractors, every time I’m in Los Angeles, the city impresses me more. From the first time in 1970 to just recently, the changes are palpable, especially the move(s) away from being so car-centric and increased densification. Below, is … Continue reading

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The top 100 Interstate Highway truck bottlenecks

Source: scientificamerican.com The map below depicts the location of the top 100 bottlenecks for trucks in the United States on the Interstate Highway System in 2019. Note: Though shown in gray instead of red or pink, Kansas City has one … Continue reading

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Geographical distribution of motor vehicle model names

Back in the day, its seemed many motor vehicles with geographical model names tended to be of places east of the Mississippi, wealthy places, or of European locales. But, today, the largest number of referenced places and geography model names … Continue reading

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When Pickup Trucks Weren’t Killing Machines…

Before pickup trucks became supersize killing machines on steroids, they were useful, practical, utilitarian, and in many cases downright stylish. Today, they, along with supersize SUVs, are contributing to the tragic rise in pedestrian and cyclist deaths due to dangerously … Continue reading

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Rolling stock signage

Has anyone else in the planning and zoning realm noticed how certain retail and dining establishments are now strategically placing a fully decaled truck, car, or van in their parking lot to further advertise their business to those passing by? … Continue reading

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Why no “cash and go” for gas pumps?

Why is it that we can pay with cash just about anywhere, including at self-service check-out lanes and/or kiosks in retail stores for just about any product or service, but our only options at gas pumps are credit or debit … Continue reading

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