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Tardy Tuesday Tunes: Weezer’s best cover art & great music

I named this post “Tardy Tuesday Tunes” for two reasons. One, I missed getting it published by Tuesday and second, I was late to the party reviewing Weever’s newest album entitled, OK Human. Released in late January, OK Human is … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tunes: Classic rock songs that make me cringe

While I love rock ‘n’ roll music, there are certain songs that bug the daylights out of me. For whatever reason, they just grate on my nerves. It could be the singer’s voice, the lyrics, the number of times it’s … Continue reading

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50+ Favorite Holiday Season Tunes

Film and Television Originals “Where Are You, Christmas?” – Faith Hill from the film Grinch “Christmas Time Is Here” – from A Charlie Brown Christmas TV special “Somewhere in My Memory” – John Williams from the film Home Alone “I Wish … Continue reading

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Proposed City Theme Songs

  The following are my choices for the song(s) that should be used as the theme song or anthem for the selected cities listed below. Some are familiar, some historic, some new, some inspirational, some witty, and some are even … Continue reading

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The loss of urban innocence

There are many finely crafted songs and complete records that have been written about cities and towns, both specific to a particular community and in general. Some may note the dynamic vibrancy of the city, such as “New York, New … Continue reading

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