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Collegiate carport solar energy production in the USA

Below are more than 75 colleges and universities in the United States that have installed solar carports on campus, along with information available on them via the internet. Data includes the school, location, megawatts, year completed, and number of spaces/acreage … Continue reading

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Is there a student housing bubble and is it about to burst?

For many collegiate cities and towns across the United States, the steady influx of international students (and often with their families), from primarily China/Asia, have lifted the local real estate markets out of the post-2008 doldrums. The concern now becomes … Continue reading

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Geography of advanced degrees in the USA (2013)

This fascinating chart from newgeography.com depicts those large metropolitan areas in the United States with the highest percentage of advanced degrees (masters or Ph.D) in 2013. Of particular interest in the growth in many Northern and Western cities and the corresponding … Continue reading

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A vision of velo purgatory

I recently stopped by the Michigan State University (MSU) Surplus Store and had to take a couple of photos (above and below) of the many forlorn bicycles that are caught in what appears to be best described as “quasi-velo purgatory” – somewhere … Continue reading

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Leading “Tree Campus USA” states

In honour of Arbor Day 2014 (tomorrow, Friday, April 25th), I thought it would be interesting to highlight the Tree Campus USA program conducted by the Arbor Day Foundation. Started in 2008 and similar to Tree City USA, this program recognizes those … Continue reading

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Do our college communities pass the walkability test?

In a nutshell, the answer is largely a resounding NO. Below is a list of American college communities with their walkability score for 2014 as compiled by walkscore.com. The overall rating was used for each community as students tend to live, shop, … Continue reading

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Where the Buffaloes roam

Here are some images of the University of Colorado (or CU in local jargon) taken over the past couple of days. I have long thought that Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Washington & Lee, and Stanford were the handsomest college campuses, … Continue reading

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Your community is a college town when…

Sofas and couches are considered roadside artwork and/or a front porch decoration. Mascot(s) seem to appear from out of nowhere at every venue. Beer consumption exceeds water consumption. The drinking age is only a guideline. The first really warm day … Continue reading

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Here comes the sun for EV charging stations

Over the past weekend I learned that Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo has recently installed a bank of solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in one of its parking lots. What a terrific idea! This design eliminates the need for … Continue reading

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Collegiate cuisine entrepreneurship

There is probably no better way to try out a new restaurant concept than to test it in a college town. For some reason, college students are interested exploring a wide variety of cuisines and are willing to try new … Continue reading

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