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America’s most charming walkable neighborhood is in…

Los Angeles! Yes, you read that correctly. The city known for miles of freeways and lengthy traffic jams is also home to what this retired urban planner feels is the most charming walkable neighborhood in the United States. In fact, … Continue reading

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Ten+1 planning lessons from Maharishi Vedic City

The Vedic/Vastu planned and designed community of Maharishi Vedic City in southeast Iowa offers a number of interesting and insightful lessons for planners. Here are the ten primary lessons from researching and visiting this unique sustainable city: 10/7/22 Addendum – … Continue reading

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American “Hydrograds” – Cities built for hydroelectric projects

  Two recent posts I’ve written on the Atomgrads (nuclear cities) of the former Soviet Union that were developed to both construct and support both nuclear weapons and energy plants led me to explore similar government built community for hydroelectric … Continue reading

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Shifting from bland to “GRAND!”

As the following photos will demonstrate, when it comes to mixed-use development there can be bland designs and there can be “GRAND” designs. The first two mixed-use buildings (see below) are located in East Lansing and tend to come across as … Continue reading

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Eccentri’city’ of place – celebrate whimsy!

“Get rid of the strict grid” may sound like fighting words to many urban planners and engineers, but please let me first explain. I don’t necessarily have a problem with a gridiron street pattern when it is employed in the appropriate context. In any area … Continue reading

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Creating “Active Cities,” part two

First, I would like to thank everyone who read and/or responded to the November 13th post on creating Active Cities. The feedback was kind, supportive, and very much appreciated. While many cities around the world are “active” in the sense … Continue reading

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The one time I wish Mr. Wright had been wrong

I thoroughly enjoy the magnificence and elegance of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and design. A tour I tour took of the Robie House in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood this summer highlighted many innovative and artistic features that make him America’s premiere architect. … Continue reading

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