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The Beauty of the Contrasting-Chaotic City Form

As urban planners we have a tendency to emphasize the importance and efficiency of the traditional grid street pattern. Compared to the disconnected neighborhoods and subdivisions constructed over the past 75 years, the traditional street grid is far and away … Continue reading

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A linearapolis case study – Northeast Pennsylvania

In my March 24th post about linearapoli (linear urban areas), a number of examples were provided from the United States and Canada. Several others have been identified since then by readers and myself. Of these examples, none more aptly depicts my definition of a … Continue reading

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Urban morphology – the concept of going with the flow

Scanning a map, atlas, aerial photo, or satellite image of many urban areas shows a disproportionate amount of development (or later, sprawl) taking place in one direction from the city center. Yes, this often has something to do with geographic … Continue reading

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