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Historic beaches opened for Black Americans during Jim Crow

  Back in November of 2019, I posted a list of the beach wade-in protests that took place during the Civil Rights Era. These protests demanded that public beaches be opened up to all people, instead of being limited to … Continue reading

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Roadside Americana – Motel memories

I am probably going to date myself yet again with this post, but to this urban planner, one of the most memorable images of the American highway system in the 1960s and 70s was the motel or motor court. Often … Continue reading

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Europe’s busiest passenger seaports

The Eurostat data below from 2011 includes both ferry and cruise ship passenger data.  It is interesting to note that despite completion of the Chunnel between the United Kingdom and France, Dover remains the busiest passenger seaport in Europe and … Continue reading

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A 33 foot wide slice of heaven

I am sitting in the front patio of our cottage on Lake Wawasee, Indiana as I am writing this post, listing to the birds sing their morning serenade, the soft breeze blow through the trees, blue lake waters gently lapping … Continue reading

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Beachcomber nightmares

Just in time for another fun-filled summer weekend – this weblink to the Natural Resources Defense Council website provides a detailed and comprehensive report on the 200 cleanest (yay!) and dirtiest (boo!) beaches in the United States. Nothing like a little … Continue reading

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