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Simple New Year’s resolutions to help our planet

Providing a quick list of simple solutions to help save our planet seems like an appropriate blogpost topic for the New Year, as we can all add some/all of these to our list of resolutions. Please feel free to pass … Continue reading

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Mapping America’s Dumping Grounds

At what point are we going to change our wasteful ways? At what point will we take recycling, repurposing, and reuse seriously? The two (2) maps provided should break every American’s heart. Sometimes, while driving our nation’s highways, I am … Continue reading

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Are they insane?

Who in their right mind would “plan” to store radioactive nuclear waste within one mile of 20% of the world’s freshwater supply? Apparently, there are some people in Canada who think that’s a sane notion. This storage facility would be … Continue reading

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Waste not, want not

The old adage used for the post title needs to be applied more forcefully to the food service industry, particularly quick-serve (fast food) restaurants, coffee shops, and similar dining establishments. I cannot count the number of times I have been … Continue reading

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Garbage gateways: waste at first sight

Sanitary landfills (now there’s an oxymoron) are quite often situated along the primary gateways to the community they serve. Sure, an expressway allows for easy access to the dump by those dingy looking and overloaded welcome wagons of trash. They converge on these mini-mountains like … Continue reading

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Honey, did you water the concrete?

I do not know about you, but I am rather dismayed by all the water that is wasted by homeowners and businesses sprinkling concrete, asphalt, brick, and other hard surfaces.  In addition, the fact that the sprinkler systems continue to … Continue reading

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“Dustbindiana” and “Landfillinois”

Below is a list of the ten states that produce the most garbage per person in the United States. I am not proud to say my birth state, Indiana leads this shameful list, with Illinois following close behind. States that … Continue reading

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Why do people diss free recycling?

In the community where I live, the primary local waste hauler offers residents who utilize their weekly curbside garbage pick-up service free curbside recycling every other week. This is a very nice and convenient option that includes items such as newspapers, … Continue reading

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We need more readable recycling logos!

Have you ever tried to determine if a plastic item is recyclable? I have 20/20 vision for reading, but often the recycling symbol and corresponding number is so small I could use the help of a magnifying glass to read … Continue reading

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