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Ruining the net one ‘Mad ad’ at a time

I don’t know about all of you, but I find the increased blizzardization of advertising on the net to be quite annoying anymore. Given the trend lines depicted in the chart above, I fear it will only continue get worse. You can’t … Continue reading

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“Her”- Love in an impersonal world

Kathy and I saw the film Her over the weekend. The movie is a poignant fast forward portrayal of our impersonal digital world. Putting irony and emphasis on this portrayal was the fact that as we exited the theater, nearly everyone … Continue reading

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It’s time for 21st century legal noticing!

In an era of daily newspapers shutting down or dramatically reducing their publication dates to just twice or thrice a week, and with Saturday mail delivery being on the fiscal chopping block, it seems long-past time that planning and zoning enabling legislation … Continue reading

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Top 12 posts of 2012

The past year has been a terrific one for panethos.wordpress.com. So, I thought I would list the top 12 posts that were published in 2012, as tabulated through a few moments ago. If anything changes substantially by the actual end of … Continue reading

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I’m tired of wimpy free wi-fi

  Okay…one of my pet peeves here. I have had it with places that advertise they have free w-fi only to find out it is not working or so wimpy you could walk from here to Timbuktu and back before … Continue reading

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Sayonara to using Slashdot

When Reddit went down recently because of problems with the Amazon cloud, I thought I would spend the time searching out other similar sharing websites. I came across Slashdot. Though more techie oriented it seemed like a good site to … Continue reading

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Freedom on the net – ranking 37 nations

A recently released study by Freedom House ranks 37 nations on their internet freedom. Below is a description of the criteria used to rank the countries. Ratings are determined through an examination of three broad categories: obstacles to access, limits … Continue reading

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