Monthly median assisted living cost by state

The following charts list the ten least and the ten most expensive states for assisted living care based on median monthly costs for a one bedroom unit. The data were derived from annual median costs provided in the November 2011 AARP Bulletin.


Georgia – $2,400 per month

North Dakota – $2,500 per month

Texas – $2,648 per month

Florida – $2,663 per month

Arkansas – $2,700 per month

Oklahoma – $2,748 per month

Nevada – $2,750 per month

South Dakota – $2,750 per month

North Carolina – $2,800 per month

Nebraska – $2,803 per month


Alaska – $5,500 per month

Massachusetts – $4,950 per month

New Jersey – $4,938 per month

Delaware – $4,626 per month

Maine – $4,625 per month

Connecticut – $4,488 per month

District of Columbia – $4,350 per month

Rhode Island – $4,213 per month

Washington – $4,000 per month

New Hampshire – $3,906 per month

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