Intro to wicked yiddish for Bachmann

The following is a guest post that was submitted by a contributor who wished to remain anonymous:

As with so many other things, Michelle Bachmann demonstrated her ignorance of a pretty basic and common yiddish term last week – “…chutzpah”. She pronounced it with a hard CH. To enlighten our readers, I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favorite yiddish words and phrases. And, yes, most are pejorative…and yes, I can pronounce each of them.

  • Nudnik: an annoying person
  • Nebbish: loser
  • Putz: very annoying man
  • Ongepatshket: overly messed up
  • Alter kocker: ill-mannered old guy, an old fart
  • Behaimah: dolt, “someone with the brains of a cow”
  • Bist meshugen?: are you crazy?
  • Bulbenik: Michelle Bachmann
  • Mamzer: a 7-letter curseword beginning with b and ending with d in english
  • Shmei drei: empty talk (Michelle Bachmann??)
  • Schmoiger: a schmuck, and really stupid to boot
  • Schlotlz: arrogance
  • Schlep: carry, haul a burden beyond common expectation
  • Cockamamie: unnecessarily complex and foolish
  • Dorfying: rube
  • Draykup: someone who is always confused
  • Fartoost: discombobulated, seriously confused
  • Farkocktah: totally messed up, worse than crappy (this is a naughty word)
  • Grepps: burp
  • Gevaltize: fear-mongering
  • Loch in kop: hole in the head (as in I don’t need one)

Congresswoman Bachmann should get out into the large cities and brush up on her ethnic phraseology in the future if she plans to incorporate phrases and terms in her public speaking engagements.


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4 Responses to Intro to wicked yiddish for Bachmann

  1. kittyreporter says:

    Thanks, this is a wonderful glossary of terms. Many apply to our current Freshmen Congressmen. The Congressional Majority are seriously Fartoost on understanding the ramifications if we don’t raise the debt ceiling. I also think Eric Cantor is a bit Ongepatshket if he thinks it is OK to cut social security and medicare because that’s what the people want! What people is he talking about?


  2. ahmad faisal alias says:

    i still remember Mark used to say ‘bone head’ and ‘butt pirate’… although they’re not yiddish


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