Assorted musings

  • When someone says they are “fair to Midland,” does that mean things will get progressively better or worse beyond Midland, Texas or Midland, Michigan?
  • Ever notice that owners of expensive cars tend to drive slower than the rest of us. Is that just so they can show off their wheels by making us have to stare at them longer?
  • Why do people bag their dog’s droppings, but then leave the fouled plastic bag sitting in the grass next to the sidewalk? Pick it up, diptwad!
  • Why do commercials come through the TV speakers louder than the regular shows and why can’t technology overcome that?
  • Why is there no such thing as a none-growing variety of lawn grass that has been genetically engineered for those of us who are sick and tired of pushing a damn lawn mower?
  • Why the heck are there no playoffs yet in Division 1 college football?
  • Ever wonder why we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?
  • Why is it that people continually vote against their own best interests?
  • Exactly why does anyone give a rip about the Kardashians?
  • Why isn’t beer the national pastime?
  • Does Tennessee realize what Arkansas?
  • It is said that everything is bigger in Texas – as far as the mouths and egos of their politicians, they are exactly right.
  • Is new math really better than old math? I would like to see the test results.
  • Ever wonder why so many in Ohio worship a nut? (buckeye)
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2 Responses to Assorted musings

  1. Ug I hate the loud commercials! They are especially bad for online viewing of shows. The mute button is the only remedy I’ve found

    As far as the lawn goes, as long as you aren’t trampling it every day, there are many alternatives to traditional sod that are short and slow growing. Just google eco grass or buffalo grass.


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