If pigs ruled the world…

Source: zoetis.com

A little fun, satire, and sarcasm on a cold, winter Thursday. Enjoy!

If pigs ruled the world…

  • …they would go “hog wild” in celebration.
  • …every government and privately funded project would be a “pork project.”
  • …there would be no cities, towns, or villages…only “HAMlets.”
  • …mud wrestling would be an Olympic sport.
  • …Miss Piggy would be Queen.

Source: pinterest.com

  • …bacon, ham, and other pork food products would be banned.
  • …the global school would be named “HOGwarts.”
  • Kevin Bacon would be their human spokesperson.

Source: goldenglobes.com

  • …igpay atinlay ouldway ebay hethey fficialobey anguagelay.
  • …they would be allowed to fly whenever and wherever they want.

Source: fineartamerica.com

  • …they would spend all their time trying to make amends for the current “pig” in the White House (see below).

Source: dailykos.com

  • …beer bellies would be replaced by pork bellies.
  • …they would wallow in the afterglow of global leadership.
  • …all grocery shopping must be done at Piggly Wiggly stores.
  • …riding a H-O-G would be required for all motorcyclists.
  • …Piglet and Porky Pig would be superheroes.

Source: pinterest.com

Source: pinterest. com

  • …the 1981 movie, Porky’s, would be considered a classic.
  • …javelina and peccary would insist on being classified as pigs.
  • …the NFL would be banned from using the term pigskin for American footballs.
  • …every conversation, presentation, and form of media entertainment, including this, would be required to conclude with:

    Source: youtube.com

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4 Responses to If pigs ruled the world…

  1. Charlie R says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your posts. Until today. Your comment and photo of President Trump are neither funny, satirical, or sarcastic; it’s just hatred. Goodbye.


  2. This is a funny piece. One correction: footballs, despite the nickname, never were and are not now made of pigskin. They’re cowhide. Last I knew, Horween Leather in Chicago is the main manufacturer of the leather for footballs. Pigs can relax.


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