Brilliant song to make cockroaches scatter…

I know I like to heap praise on great music, but I have been largely lost for words since I first saw this video for the song “Simple Math” by Manchester Orchestra. Extraordinary does not go far enough. The visual images, the powerful lyrics, and the hypnotic melodies all combine to create an amazing out-of-body experience.

The band has hit the nail squarely on the head regarding deception in our digital era. In these times of serious truth bending amongst politicians, pundits, spin doctors, and less than honorable media, “Simple Math” is a brilliant spotlight on those who shape policies and public opinion through total bullshit. You can virtually watch the cockroaches scatter in the light of this remarkable song.

Here is a small snippet of Manchester Orchestra’s thought-provoking lyrics in “Simple Math:”

“What if I was wrong and no one cared to mention?

What if it is true, and all we thought was right was wrong?

Simple math…the truth cannot be fractioned

Either way

I imply

To mitigate the guilt we could align

A perfectly constructed alibi

To hush the violent guilt that eats and never dies

In actual blame they called me once the dark divide

Simple math

It’s why our bodies even lay here

Sinful math…the truth cannot be fashioned.”

There are certain videos that have become classics over time. This one for “Simple Math” will join that elite group, not only because of its imagery, but because of the power of its visual images combined with the intense and poignant lyrics. Enjoy “Simple Math” by Atlanta’s Manchester Orchestra.

FYI: When the video directs you to YouTube, just click on the underlined text on the screen and it will take you to the video (you may have to put up with a short advertisement first). The video can also be viewed without the advertising on the band’s website through this weblink.

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2 Responses to Brilliant song to make cockroaches scatter…

  1. Rick says:

    Each time I watch the video and listen to the song, I am more awed by its brilliance.


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