Weaponry city and town names

Source: pinterest.com

Source: pinterest.com

Though personally opposed to individual ownership of many of the weapons listed, I thought it would be interesting to identify those communities named for or including some form of weaponry in their name. Additions to the list are welcome.

  • Atomic City, Idaho, USA
  • Bayonet Point, Florida, USA
  • Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA (Broken Arrow is actually a term for peace)
  • Broken Bow, Nebraska, USA (thank you, Jean)
  • Cannon Ball, North Dakota (thank you, Jean)
  • Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA
  • Cannon Falls, Minnesota, USA
  • Cannonsburg, Michigan, USA
  • Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Gunbarrel, Colorado, USA
  • Gun Barrel City, Texas, USA
  • Gunnison, Colorado, USA (thank you, JBP)
  • Guntown, Mississippi, USA
  • Lake Arrowhead, California, USA
  • Nitro, West Virginia, USA
  • Rifle, Colorado, USA
  • Spear, North Carolina, USA
  • Spearfish, South Dakota, USA
  • Swords, Ireland
  • Tank, Pakistan
  • Tomahawk, Wisconsin, USA
  • Torpedo, Pennsylvania, USA

Sources: personal knowledge, e.wikipedia.org, and the Rand McNally Road Atlas

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9 Responses to Weaponry city and town names

  1. leroy789 says:

    Bad Axe, MI
    Middelfart, Denmark
    Whiskeytown, California
    Dickshooter, Idaho

    Not sure all these fit with your theme, though some might agree with me 🙂


  2. JBP says:

    Gunnison, Colorado


  3. Broken Bow, Nebraska(?)


  4. Ron Melin says:

    Battle Mountain, Nevada
    Rough and Ready California


  5. David Duvall says:

    There is also a Gunnison and a Cannonville in Utah


  6. Carol says:

    I am personally opposed to a tomahawk and a bludgeon (not listed) because they are crude and barbaric, but the other weapons definitely have a good use when defending family or country. My motto has always been” don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.” One must defend self and family from the well-armed criminals who don’t give a fig about gun control and those with a disdain for weapons.


    • I think we should leave it to each person whether he/she thinks any specific weapon is “crude and barbaric.” Just about any weapon, used skillfully, can “have a good use when defending family or country.” As for bringing knives to gunfights, all the martial arts were designed to bring feet and hands to gunfights and knife fights, mostly by monks who had no weapons.


  7. Cannon Ball, North Dakota


  8. problogic says:

    Good one! Thank you, Jean.


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