Metro areas with the most colorful suburban city/town names


A minimum four (4) suburbs with colorful names was required for inclusion on this list. An attempt was made to find similar examples outside the United States, but without much luck. Any additions, corrections, or suggestions are welcome.

Dublin, Ireland = 10

  • Black Bull, Blackfriars, Blackhall, Blackrock, Copperalley, Greenogue, Greystones, Limekiln, Whitechurch, and Whitecross

Indianapolis, Indiana = 8

  • Blue Ridge, Brownsburg, Greencastle, Greenfield, Greenwood, New Whiteland, Whiteland, and Whitestown

Guadalajara, Mexico = 7

  • Agua Blanca, Agua Colorada, El Verde, La Laguna Colorada, Palo Verde, Rio Verde, and Santa Rosa

Atlanta, Georgia = 6

  • Auburn, Graystone, Peachtree City, White, White City, and White Sulphur Springs

Birmingham, Alabama = 6

  • Alabaster, Grayson Valley, Graysville, Green Pond, Mt. Olive, and White Oaks

Twin Cities, Minnesota/Wisconsin = 6

  • Golden Valley, Green Isle, Hazelton, New Auburn, Red Wing, and Rosemount

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas = 5

  • Auburn, Blue Ridge, Greenville, Red Oak, and White Settlement,

Detroit, Michigan/Ontario = 5

  • Auburn Hills, Brown City, Redford, River Rouge, and Roseville

Phoenix, Arizona = 5

  • Black Canyon City, Blackwater. Gold Canyon, Palo Verde, and Rio Verde

San Francisco-Oakland, California = 5

  • Blackhawk, Black Point-Green Point, Emerald Hills, Redwood City, and Redwood Park

Seattle-Tacoma, Washington = 5

  • Auburn, Gold Bar, Green River, Redmond, and White Center

Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas = 4

  • Grayburg, Orange, Rose City, and West Orange

Cincinnati, Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana = 4

  • Blue Ash, OH; Greendale, IN; Greenhills, OH; and Silver Grove, KY

Columbus, Ohio = 4

  • Brownsville, Olive Green, Orange, and Plumwood

Milwaukee, Wisconsin = 4

  • Brown Deer, Greendale, Greenfield, and Whitefish Bay

New York City, New York/New Jersey/Connecticut = 4

  • Greenwich, CT; East Orange, NJ; Red Bank, NJ; and West Orange, NJ

Orlando, Florida = 4

  • Orange City, Silver Lake, Tangerine, and White’s Landing

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/West Virginia = 4

  • Greensburg, Greentree, Level Green, and Plum

Southeast Florida = 4

  • Coral Gables, Coral Springs, Greenacres, and Naranja

St. Louis, Missouri/Illinois = 4

  • Black Jack, MO; Olivette, MO; Red Bud, IL; and Greenville, IL


  • personal knowledge
  • 2021 Rand McNally Road Atlas

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2 Responses to Metro areas with the most colorful suburban city/town names

  1. Dan Tilque says:

    This reminds me of the variously colored sulphur springs mostly in SE West Virigina. They’re not suburbs, but I’ve always thought it interesting:

    White Sulphur Springs
    Blue Sulphur Springs
    Red Sulphur Springs
    Green Sulphur Springs

    Those all have wikipedia pages. In addition there used to be a Gray Sulphur Springs resort in that area and a Yellow Sulphur Springs resort in nearby Virgina.

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