Realistically renaming the Big Ten

Since the Big Ten is that in name only, I think the time is long past due for a new league name. leaving the Big Ten name is akin calling New York as its original name New Amsterdam or Verizon as its former name of Bell Atlantic. Sooner of later it goes from being historical to almost laughable. Here’s my suggestion – drum roll please:

“The Great Twelve Conference”

The reason I think this is a good name is the conference now extends from the Great Lakes to the Great Plains. “Great” also begets more importance than “Big.”

Let the accolades and sniping begin!

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4 Responses to Realistically renaming the Big Ten

  1. Mick says:

    The Big Ten was nine schools from 1938 when the University of Chicago left until 1953 when Michigan State came on board. It’s been eleven schools since Penn State joined in the early ’90’s and since its founding in 1896 the number of schools has changed for various reasons several times.
    It is the # 1 brand in college sports and you do not mess with success. The Big East includes the likes of Marquette, Notre Dame, DePaul and Louisville and they’ve become a strong brand. Florida State in the Atlantic Coast Conference? Colorado in the Pacific Ten (which is not ten anymore)?The Big Twelve (which is now the Big 9 and was the Big 9 more than sixty years ago)?
    Ask Coca Cola if it makes sense to mess with a strong brand. Meanwhile, I gotta run because the Big Ten Network’s pre-game show will be coming on soon!


  2. Rick says:

    Still think keeping Big Ten is stupid.


    • Mick says:

      As a proud former member of the staff of the mighty Big Ten Conference I guess we’ll have to just consider it one of those rare moments when we agree to disagree. BTW, thanks go out to late Purdue President Dr. James Smart who in 1896 called a meeting of various midwestern schools to discuss forming an organization of schools with common academic and athletic goals. The meeting was held at Chicago’s Palmer House which also was the site of the first Big Ten Football Kickoff luncheon in August of 1972.


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