“Bigotsburg of the week” – Forrest City, Arkansas



Forrest City is located along Interstate 40 in east-central Arkansas. It probably more appropriately deserves the title of “Bigotsburg of the Nation,” instead of “Jewel of the Delta,” given that it is named after Nathaniel Bedford Forrest. Mr. Forrest was not only a Confederate general, but worse yet, he was an early member and the first Grand Dragon of the infamous Ku Klux Klan.

How any community could name itself after the leader of this despicable organization is beyond me. But then, to keep the name all these years despite its connotations with racism and bigotry is all-the-more inexcusable!  The only jewel Forrest City should be nicknamed is bloodstone, given the evil and pain he inflicted on African-Americans both during and after the Civil War. Shame on you Forrest City, it is time to change your community’s name!

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1 Response to “Bigotsburg of the week” – Forrest City, Arkansas

  1. Mark Povall says:

    Well put. I agree. A name change will demonstrate a willingness to reconcile, and reach out to others.


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