Best and Worst Live Concerts Seen

Metric – Source:


  1. Metric – Detroit 2012, at the Fillmore Theatre
  2. Death Cab for Cutie – Detroit 2012, at the Fox Theatre
  3. The Eagles – Purdue 1976, at Elliott Hall of Music
  4. Aerosmith – Indianapolis 1975, at Market Square Arena
  5. U2 and Florence and the Machine – East Lansing 2011, at Spartan Stadium
  6. The Joy Formidable – Lansing 2012, at the Loft
  7. Pat Benatar and Loverboy – Traverse City 2018, at the Cherry Festival
  8. Doobie Brothers – Indianapolis 1975, at Market Square Arena
  9. Jazz Band (name unknown) – Boston 2016, at the Beehive
  10. Aerosmith – Indianapolis 1974, at the Convention Center
  11. Oscar Fuentes – Tucson 2019, at La Cochina
  12. Boston – Indianapolis 1976, at the Convention Center


  1. Aerosmith – Indianapolis 1979, at Market Square Arena – the band was too strung out and could not hear the lyrics
  2. Blue Oyster Cult – Indianapolis 1974, at the Stair Fair Coliseum – can only think of one hit – must have been desperate for some music.
  3. MGMT – Lansing 2013, at Common Ground – why were they so popular?
  4. An Irish Christmas – Traverse City 2018, at the Milliken Auditorium – performers were tired from all the holiday season travel.
  5. Toppermost, Beatles Tribute – Okemos 2014, at Celebrate Downtown Okemos – technically proficient, but didn’t excite me like I thought they might.
  6. Beach Boys – Indianapolis 1980, at Market Square Arena – largely was not my style – some good songs tho.
  7. Cheap Trick – Traverse City 2018, at Cherry Festival – Didn’t play my favorite song – too much focus on new album.
  8. Kings of Leon/The Stills – Detroit 2010, at DTE Music Center – The Stills were on so early we missed part of their set.
  9. Queen – Indianapolis 1976, at the Convention Center- I had the flu and it was at a bad venue for their musical style.


  1. The Raconteurs
  2. Fleetwood Mac
  3. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
  4. The Rolling Stones
  5. Heart
  6. Def Leppard
  7. Wolf Alice
  8. Led Zeppelin
  9. Weezer
  10. Paul McCartney & Wings
  11. John Lennon

LIST OF RECALLED PERFORMERS SEEN (to be updated – those added in italics)

The Accidentals, Aerosmith, Artful Dodger, Avid Kain, Beach Boys, Blue Oyster Cult, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Boston, Cheap Trick, Death Cab for Cutie, Doobie Brothers, Elliot Street Lunatic, Florence and the Machine, Frightened Rabbit, Gordon Lightfoot Tribute, Grand Funk, Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers, The Joy Formidable, Kings of Leon, KISS, Kitten, Little Graves, Loverly, Metric, MGMT, Moxie Strings, Oscar Fuentes, Pat Benatar, Queen, Radiohead, Sheryl Crow, Starfarm, The Stills, Toppermost, U2, and Uriah Heep.

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